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The Ancient taoist alchemy

Alchemy is a  subtle transformation of one kind of substance and its properties into another substance and properties.

There is external and internal type of alchemy.

The external taoist alchemy involves transformation of substances into other substances eg. mercury or vermillion into gold.

TanPin, the immortality pill  performed by Master  Ming
TanPin, the immortality pill
performed by Master Ming

The internat taoist alchemy is a  transformation of internal (psychological, spiritual) characteristics of a  person.
It is a   work on self improvement conducted on a  very subtle level. It should not be perceived as a  kind of magic, although its effect and terminology are rather hermetic for those outside of the internal taoist alchemists cicle.

The Tai Ki Kung San Feng style forms are ancient alchemist forms, because they may lead to transformation of our body and psyche, understood as entirety. The effects of this work depend on us, that is on the engagement, work and faith of the people who practice. We do not mean blind faith but constant striving. The forms of Tai Ki Kung, that we practice, were developed for thousands years but their final shape comes from Chang San Feng, the famous alchemist and taoist monk living 800 years ago.

Tan Pin, otherwise known as The Immortality Pill, is regarded as the most powerfull alchemist form of the Chang San Feng style.

One of the fundamental practices of taoist alchemy in San Feng style is a  constant quest for Sun within the heart and Moon in the head. This state means solar heat and radiation ( as in love) within the heart and serene luminous glow of the moon in the mind, creating clear thought, perception and action. Proper thinking occurs when the quiet
moonlight dissolves excessive emotions and calms the chaotic thoughts. Extreme emotions are, according to chinese medicine, one of the main causes of sickness. Therefore Sun in the heart and Moon in the head means also physical and mental health.

As you can see, albeit complicated theory and vocabulary, taoist internal alchemy, practiced in Tai Chi Kung style, is simply a  way of proper and active life, developed over thousands of years in China and taught by Master Ming.

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