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To join classes or for more Information Phone Lada Malinakova
Cell Phone:+48 609657859; Home No: 224785715

Tai Chi Kung, Warszawa Mokotów

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Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Qigong, Warszawa - Mokotów evening classes P1010108_240_180.JPG Mokotow Tai Chi Kung Classes are held in Centrum Łowicka, on Łowicka 21 street, in ballet room on first floor.
Monday: 19.15
Wednesday 19.15
Monthly fee: 150 zł

The practice is conducted by Lada Malinakova
First time participants please phone Lada before Classes
Cell no. +48 609657859; home No: 224785715

Suggested wear for classes: black comfortable pants, white T-shirt, comfortable sports shoes

Centrum Łowicka is situated next to roundabout on the junction of Jarosława Dąbrowskiego and Łowicka Streets.
You can reach it from Metro Station "Racławicka" at Aleje Niepodległości street in 5 minutes.
For this reason we recommend Centrum Łowicka to all people who live near metro stations for example in Środmieście, Ursynów, Żoliboż, Bielany.

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The arrow on the map below shows the place where we practice tai Chi Kung in Mokotów: